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配方独特 选料上乘 工艺精湛 疗效显著
Unique formula, superior herbs, perfect craftsmanship and significant efficacy

Tongrentang’s characteristics for processing medicine is “unique formula, superior herbs, perfect craftsmanship and significant efficacy”, which is also solemn commitment and relentless pursuit of Tongrentang people for medicines quality in its history.

Unique formula: most Tongrentang’s formula prescriptions are handed from Yue family, folk proved recipes, traditional medical recipes and imperial secret recipes, composed of Tongrentang’s special prescription through constant collection, organization and optimization. The book TRT Traditional Medicine Matching is the representative.

Superior herbs: Following old adages and pharmaceutical standards from Qing Imperial Palace, Tongrentang sets its own standards stricter than the national quality standards. Tongrentang uses Medicinal Materials “selected from their origins and in right season” which are “superior, pure and authentic” to ensure first-rate quality of selected and charged Medicinal Materials.

      工艺精湛:遵照古训,esb世博网依法炮制修合,前处理环节的20个工序50 多种加工方法沿用至今,并与现代制药技术相结合,确保了esb世博网制药工艺精深精良。
Perfect craftsmanship: Tongrentang follows old adages to process Medicinal Materials. Over 50 processing methods in 20 procedures during the early processing has been used since ancient time, and are integrated with modern pharmaceutical technologies to ensure them to be perfect.

Significant efficacy: Tongrentang always focuses on medicines efficacy. It not only carefully studies the formula prescriptions, selects superior herbs, and manufactures perfect medicines, but also regards efficacy as core requirement of its quality value. Tongrentang uses effective medicines to achieve the value of “doing good to society and keeping people healthy”.