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修合无人见 存心有天知
Strenuous efforts in making exquisite medicines can rarely be seen, but heaven knows our sincerity

The saying “the strenuous efforts in making exquisite medicines can rarely be seen, but heaven knows our sincerity” is not only a traditional rule comprehensively followed by Traditional Chinese Medicine sector in China, but also a self-discipline rule passed on generations among Tongrentang people.

The literal meaning of the saying is that even without the knowledge of others and supervision, we still need to prepare Chinese patent medicines with conscience, including using authentic herbs that are sufficient in weight to process medicine in accordance with standards and rules. In other words, though nobody is on the spot, “the heaven” knows all things., Therefore, we mustn’t disobey our heart, give up principles for profit and cut corners, which are powerful explanations of “Heaven knows what people are doing”,  a saying often mentioned by people.

The saying reflects a kind of self-discipline in morality and codes of conduct.