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同修仁德 济世养生
Cultivate both noble morality and benevolence to do good to society and to keep people healthy

  esb世博网品牌创始人乐显扬认为 “可以养生、可以济人者, 惟医药为最”,并把“同仁”二字命名为堂名,认为“公而雅”。
Mr. Yue Xianyang, founder of Tongrentang Brand, believed that “among things which can preserve peoples’ health and to do good to society, medicine is the best” and named the pharmacy as “Tongren (cultivate both noble morality and benevolence)”, meaning “equal and elegant”

  《周易》“同人卦”天火同仁,象征同类会聚、齐心无私、协力经营共同事业,因此卦辞曰“亨”,即通达顺利;汉黄石公《素书 • 安礼》“同仁”一词,指同行仁德者;韩愈《清边郡王杨燕奇碑文》用“同仁”一词,取一视同仁之意。乐显扬融合上述三意,命为堂名,既包含了儒家推崇的“天下为公”的思想,又蕴含了《尔雅》关于“义”、“正”的道德要求。
In the Book of Changes (Yijing), “Hexagram Tongren” means sky and fire are similar, symbolizing that similar peers, united and selfless, converge to work together to run a common cause. Therefore, hexagram defines “Tongren” as “prosperous”, which refers to sensible and smooth going. In the book Sushu• Anli written by Mr. Huang Shigong from Han Dynasty, “Tongren” means benevolent fellows. Mr. Han Yu from Tang Dynasty said, “Tongren” means no discrimination. Mr. Yue Xianyang integrated the above three meanings to name the pharmacy Tongren, including not only the concept that “the world is equally shared by all” which was highly praised by the Confucianists, but also the moral request of “righteous” and “upright” , the first dictionary in China.

“Cultivate both noble morality and benevolence to do good to society and to keep people healthy” is a new summary of Tongrentang’s original desire, mission and spirit as a Traditional Chinese Medicine enterprise, showing the ideal and pursuit that Tongrentang people are committed to serving human and preserving their health, and also regard this as their own duties.